Monday, January 27, 2014

Tree of Life Progress

I've been knitting away at my Tree of Life Afghan. I'm trying to complete a section each week, I'm already a bit behind.  My hand is getting a bit cramped so I've switch from my usual English style to Continental so it feels a little clumsy, but it's not too bad. The Flower Garden portion is complete and I'll probably switch back to throwing for the cables. I probably wouldn't switch for a garment, but gage consistency doesn't seem quite so important for an afghan. Do you ever switch knitting styles?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Catch up...

A year since my last post?! I can hardly believe it. This year was a crazy busy one for my family and I. We sold our home in Colorado and moved to Vermont, where I'm originally from. I'm finally getting back to quilting and crafting and I'm looking forward to a productive year of finishing projects and using up stash.

What I'm working on today
It's a snowy day here in VT so I'm taking advantage and getting crafty. Of course all that craftiness is making me hungry so there's some cookie making thrown in there as well.

View from my kitchen window.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Cookies from Sally's baking addiction. She says these will keep 10 days covered in an airtight container, HA! Maybe if you sent the container to the moon in an unmanned shuttle! recipe 

A few rows progress knitting my Tree of Life Afghan from Lion Brand. Free pattern here.

I worked on machine quilting my Turning 20 Again. It's sewn in some organic vegetable died quilting cotton I picked up years ago. This quilt feels like a monster under my machine, I can't remember what size it is, maybe a twin.  Slowly but surely it's getting done. 

It feels good to be back on the blog. How's the weather where you are?