Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy With Baby

It's amazing how someone so small can make such a big impact on a family

I haven't done much sewing since little Ava Jane arrived on December 14th. Life has been so crazy with a tiny baby with her own crazy schedule.

I got a Bernina 330 for Christmas from my husband and it's been sitting in my sewing room quite lonely for the most part. I'll get to it all in due time though, Ava will only be so little once, and the sewing and fabric will wait until there's more time.


  1. Such a sweet baby! I've just found your blog and enjoyed looking at the quilts you have made. It's so nice for a young woman to be that creative. I also quilt but am getting slower as I age. You're right -- the baby will be tiny for such a short time and the fabric will be there for you later. I'd love for you to stop and visit my blog.

  2. oh she's such a beauty! I knew you were busy with little Ava, but have missed your posts. Have a lovely time with her.

  3. oh she is just adorable, totally precious. It's been fun to find your blog, Catherine

  4. Thank you Heather for the suggestions for my four patch blocks. I also like the framed blocks.

  5. Heather, she's just darling! No wonder you only have 5 minutes at a time! I got a brand new Serger..never owned one before..and how I wish I had time to get used to using it. But with being on the road with teens going every which way, and grandkids in and out..and hubby's co-workers for a week...and two bouts of flu. Well...I guess it will be a while. Lol! If I had a cutie like that,I wouldn't worry about the decluttering..just cuddling!

    Donna :o)

  6. Heather..she's just the cutest little thing! I had to look at these precious photos one more time. Thanks for the comment. :o)